Sanitizers & Shocks:


*Tri-Chlor Tablets:

Used to sanitize via chlorinators, skimmer baskets, & floaters 



Used to sanitize and Super Chlorinate, not for vinyl 


*Chlorinating Granules:

Used to sanitize and Super Chlorinate, okay for vinyl 


*Ensure Multi Shock:

Granular Shock used to support Ensure Conditioner Program 


*Alkalinity Increaser:

Used to raise total Alkalinity 


*Calcium Hardness Increaser:

Used to raise calcium hardness 


*Muriatic Acid:

Used in pools to lower pH and total alkalinity. Can also be used for cleaning an empty pool (acid cleaning)

Specialty Chemicals:  

*Natural Clarifier: 

Used to clarify water, removes oils, prevents stains, aids filter


*No Chlor:

Used as a Non-Chlorine shock, safe for all pool surface types, swim in 15 minutes, add at any time of day, no waste-unused portion stays in water until needed 


*PolyBrite Filter Tabs: 

Helps clear cloudy pools in just a few hours in most cases


*Super Flock-Out: 

Used to sink suspended debris in pool to the bottom where it can be vacuumed out


*Filter Cleaner: 

Recommended once a season to extend the life of your filter sand. May be used to clean build-up from cartridge filters that support cleansing by a cleaning solution


*Tile & Vinyl Cleaner:

Spray on and wipe off to clean tile and vinyl surfaces and equipment

Algae Control:   

*Phosphate Remover: 

Removes food source of Algae causing a quicker kill when used in conjunction with a 3-month algaecide


*3-Month Algaecide: 

Long lasting, single dose formula used in algae treatment and prevention. Effective on Blue-Green, Black, Yellow/Mustard Algae


*Ensure Conditioner PLUS: 

Proprietary Blend of Borate Salts, used in algae prevention and treatment. Removes carbon dioxide from the water. Generally once a season treatment to build base (50ppm), make smaller elevations with Ensure Multi Shock