Butter - West

     Butter - Western U.S.

     Report 33 - Released on August 14, 2019

     In the West, cream is available for butter churning despite some loads moving to other
     regions of the U.S. Several butter processors are choosing to sell their cream to benefit
     from higher cream prices. Therefore, butter manufacturing is generally steady to a bit down.
     On the retail side, sales are stable to declining, whereas the food service demand is
     livelier. A number of butter purchasers are analyzing the market, looking for a good time to
     buy. Although bulk butter supplies are declining, it is still enough to satisfy all buying
     requests. This week, overages are unchanged from the previous week.

     National Retail Report Dairy � Butter Summary
     Advertised Prices at Major Retail Supermarket Outlets ending during the period of 8/9/2019
     to 8/15/2019

     Butter 1#                       Weighted Average Price
     National                  This Period   Last Week   Last Year
     Conventional                 $3.22        $3.27       $4.08
     Organic                      $5.99        $5.99       $6.39
     Prices This Period
     Regional (Conventional)    Wtd. Ave.       Low         High
     Northwest                    $2.26        $1.99       $2.49
     Southwest                    $3.99        $3.99       $3.99

     Regional (Organic)         Wtd. Ave.       Low         High
     Southeast                    $5.99        $5.99       $5.99
     Prices for: Western U.S., All First Sales, F.O.B., Grade AA, Conventional, and Edible Butter

     Bulk Basis Pricing  - 80% Butterfat $/LB:              +0.0100 - +0.0750

     Information for the period August 12 - 16, 2019, issued weekly

     Secondary Sourced Information:

     The Grade AA butter price at the CME Group on Wednesday closed at $2.3400, compared to the
     weekly average price of $2.3315 from last week.
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